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Bad habits are hard to break, but once you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you won’t regret this decision. Healthy habits reduce the risk of certain diseases, improves your physical appearance and mental health, and gives your energy level a much needed boost. 

Healthy habits are hard to develop and often require changing your mindset. But if you’re willing to make sacrifices to better your health, the impact can be far-reaching, regardless of your age or physical ability.  ALT Health & Wellness will assess and work with your personal needs and goals. 

Personal Training

Benefits Of an Exercise & Mobility Coach 

1. Faster and Better RESULTS

Having a personal coach to guide you through your fitness & mobility routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise and movements. If you only have a limited amount of time to work out, a personal coach can make sure you get the best results possible for the amount of time that you put it.

2. Proper Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Most people have multiple goals when working out, the most common being fat loss and muscle gain. It’s often hard to find the right balance between these two,  personal coaching can help you find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals.

3. Reduced Chance Of Injury

A personal coach can teach you the proper form and technique to use during your workout so you can stay safe and injury-free.

4. Establishes a Lifetime Exercise Habit

A personal coach can help you find ways to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life. They can help you overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set many small, achievable goals.

5. Overcome Plateaus

When you hit a plateau in your exercise routine, it can be hard to push through and stay motivated. A personal coach can help you understand why you hit a plateau and find ways for you to work through it and see more results.

1hr Session $85

10+Sessions $75

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a system of assisted stretching which focuses on the muscles, joints, and connective tissue. With the client on a treatment table, comfortable straps are applied to stabilize inactive limbs and body parts to facilitate complete relaxation and effectiveness.

Fascia is a network of layered white connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints. The joint capsule that surrounds joints is involved in optimizing the mechanical function of the joint and is also part of the fascial network. When fascia and joint capsules are restricted, muscle tightness, strains, and tears can occur, contributing to scar tissue formation, which inhibits movement patterns further.

What are the benefits of FST?

What makes this therapy different from other flexibility programs is that each stretch begins with a light traction of the joint being treated. This allows for a deeper stretch by creating more space in joint. This is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to improve flexibility and mobility, recover from training, prevent injury, and improve athletic performance.

FST is also a very powerful therapy that can be used to treat many conditions such as disc herniation, facet joint dysfunctions, tight hips, rotator cuff injuries, chronic headaches, knee tracking issues, plantar fasciitis, and pinched nerves. Patients benefit from this technique as it restores, improves and maintains mobility as well as contributes to pain reduction and over all well being. 

"When your fascia is left unattended to, aging of the BODY, MIND &SPIRIT accelerates, function decreases & quality of life deteriorates"

-Ann&Chris Frederick

1.5hr Session $150

  1hr Session  $100

30 min Session $55

**Trigger Point Therapy**

Self Myo-Fascial Release

**Mobility Band Techniques**

These sessions are also available.

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Healthy Choices

Nutritious foods improve health and promote weight loss, but the benefits don’t stop there. Some hidden perks of healthy eating that don't always get the attention they deserve.

Healthy smile.

Fewer wrinkles.

Less stress.

Flatter belly.

Reduced Inflammation.

Improved mood.

Fewer cravings.

Increased knowledge.

Better Focus.

Enhances your Body, Mind & Spirit.

**Consultation Included with

Purchase of Personal Coaching Session**

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